Welcome to the Extraordinary Times Gardening Blog

The seed for the Extraordinary Times Gardening Blog was planted, appropriately enough, this year during my spring seedling sale.

For the six years prior, the sale was a low-key but enjoyable excuse to mess around in the dirt and meet fellow gardeners and neighborhood plant enthusiasts.

This year, it took on an entirely different shape.

The people who came to buy seedlings from me in the spring of 2020 were often in the process of starting their very first gardens. Quarantined and locked down, they needed a way to ground their uncertainty and nervous energy, and gardening provided the perfect outlet. Many of them arrived in face masks. And they brought loads of questions. So many questions that some didn’t even know what question to ask first.

Being a teacher and a helping type, naturally I wanted to help them. But where to start? They needed information on every single gardening topic, from water and light and soil requirements to variety selection to pest management to deciding between raised beds, pots, or tilling to ….. everything. But that information is available in abundance. Books and websites and online courses and Facebook groups — and these same folks’ gardening grandmas — were just waiting their chance to share their wisdom.

So I decided to offer something different.

A glimpse into some of the deeper philosophical aspects of gardening.

And the worldwide shift in how we think about food production.

And the people in fields, factories and grocery stores who are now risking their lives to ensure our food supply.

And the essential questions about what it means to grow food, at a micro or macro scale.

Enjoy, and thanks for taking this journey with me. i hope it sparks some questions for you as well.